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Grade 7 Room

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California State Science Content Standards Based Curriculum for FMS Life Science 7

Quarter 1: Introduction to Life Science and Cell Biology
Quarter 2: Genetics
Quarter 3: Earth and Life History and Evolution
Quarter 4: Structure and Function of Living Things and Physical Principles in Living Systems

Investigation and Experimentation will be taught and practiced all four quarters.
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Classroom Rules

  1. BE PREPARED: Be seated and ready to begin when the bell rings. Bring your binder and all required supplies to class every day.
  2. CONTRIBUTE: Stay on task and contribute work and ideas to the class.
  3. PRACTICE RESPECT: Respect your classmates, your teacher, yourself, and your surroundings. All other school rules apply, and must be followed.

Required School Supplies

1. Composition Book
2. Class Dividers for Binder
3. Agenda
4. 2-2 ½ inch 3 Ring Binder
5. Colored Pencils (24 pkg)
6. Black or Blue Pens, #2 Pencils, Erasers
7. Gluestick
8. Handheld Pencil Sharpener
9. Whiteboard Washable Markers
10. Yellow Highlighter

Highly Recommended School Supplies

1. Personal USB Thumbdrive
2. Personal Headphones
3. Sanitizer Gel

Grading Policy A+ 100% A 90 – 99% B 80 -89% C 70 – 79% D 60 – 69% F 0%

All class work, homework, labs, tests, benchmark assessments, activities, journals, and projects, both in and out of class, will be graded in some way and count towards your grade.

Students must bring a binder to class everyday. There will be periodic binder checks.
All notes/handouts must be kept in order.

Late work is not accepted unless there have been special allowances granted by the teacher.

The total points earned by the student will be weighted:
Department Policy Adopted 2011-2012 Assessments (Tests, Quizzes) 80% Labs/Classwork/Homework/Research Projects 20%


Homework will be assigned daily since many assignments are long term projects.
Homework is due in class, at the start of the period, on the due date assigned.
Failure to turn in homework when it is due will result in a zero.

Need Help?

1st - Check the Class Website for information 2nd – See me in J1 before or after school.

Attendance & Make-Up Work

Attendance is critical as some labs have no make ups but PLEASE be considerate of others and stay home if you have a fever or have vomited in the past 24 hours.

When you are absent, all work missed must be completed in a timely manner and turned in to the Make Up Work basket. Copies of missed assignments are in the class files and on the class website (see section below).

All work that was assigned before your absence is due on the first day you return. This includes tests, quizzes, projects, and homework! Failure to turn in an assignment when it is due will result in a zero or late point deductions.

If you know you will miss class for a meeting/early dismissal/field trip etc. the work that is due that day must be handed in before you leave.

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Our class has its own website. On this site you can find links to assignments, homework, interactive games, videos, pictures, my wish list, projects, and many other helpful resources. Please keep in mind that this is the first year I use this website so it will be under “constant construction”.
Thank you for your patience.
To get to our class website:
Go to:

Grades will be recorded to the Fillmore Unified School District website biweekly. Please refer to project timelines for important due dates. Sign up in the office to get an access code for your student’s grade, attendance, and behavior reports.

Your signatures below show that you have read the above information and are aware of the expectations of this class. Parents, please discuss this syllabus with your student. This syllabus must be kept in your binder all year for reference. Contact Mrs. Merrill with any questions or concerns you may have at


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