Scientist, Doctor, Game Designer, Fire Fighter, Chef, Lawyer, Actor, Professional Athlete, Farmer, Mechanic, Landscape Architect Hair Stylist, Engineer, Salesperson, Small Business Owner, Dog Breeder, Gym Coach, Carpenter, Dentist, Administrator,

or _

Career Education - You Fill In The Blank

My friend Linda, a the horse veterinarian, is filing teeth to keep the horse healthy.

You will study a variety of careers in science. Your job is to learn how to prepare for a variety of careers that interest you.

Career Education Links

Here a few links about careers that I would like you to explore. Fell free to find new links and add them to the collection.

Caught In Action "On The Job"

Your mission is to show off your acting skills and get "Caught in Action".

Career Education In The News

Find articles about careers in the news and share them with the class and online.

Career Paparazzi

Add your best Timeline For Success of your favorite career, to the collection.

Play SimCity Games at The Education Arcade and Other Career Education Games

Career Explorer